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Ringo joined the pack about a month after losing my beloved Charlie. A very thoughtful and patient search was conducted for the next dog, knowing it would take a special dog to pair with Rocky who might be overwhelming for many dogs. Enter Ringo, a happy-go-lucky, playful pup who loves other dogs. When Rocky and Ringo met, it was clear they were meant to be together.

Ringo arrived at the shelter with a large ligature wound that wrapped around his body, carving into some very sensitive areas. How he was wounded remains a mystery, but whatever happened was painful and traumatic. While the physical scar of the injury is permanent, Ringo has moved on mentally. His happy attitude and zest for each moment in life are contagious.

A veterinarian at the shelter described Ringo as a perfect little angel in his medical record. I was told by shelter staff that this note was made following a blood transfusion that Ringo provided for another dog. What a good boy!

Ringo’s angelic nature has continued at home. He is such a sweetheart! But don’t let those puppy dog eyes fool you. He is also quite devilish, and the mischief began not long after he arrived. The ever-curious Ringo almost immediately learned to open interior doors and has sampled a wide variety of forbidden objects including indoor plants, candles, shoes and feather-stuffed pillows.

We may have a few things to work on training-wise, but I’m confident Ringo is going to be successful. He has already demonstrated amazing heart in the face of hardship. His ability to move on from trauma so easily continues to inspire me every day.

Ringo’s addition to the pack ensures many happy days ahead full of play, fun and action. And photos. Lots and lots of photos. ❤️

You can follow Ringo’s antics on the blog here.