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NEAT Freak

What is often misunderstood about lifting is how much success depends on what happens outside of the gym. Nutrition and rest play a huge role in muscle development and strength gains, and these efforts are undertaken when we’re not lifting. There is also non-lifting physical activity, which is a “secret weapon” of many experienced lifters. It’s not really a secret, as much as it is a surprisingly effective way to get or stay lean.

This type of physical activity is referred to as NEAT, an acronym for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Activities from yard work to taking the stairs instead of the elevator can be counted as NEAT work. I’m a NEAT Freak, in that I love these activities and take great pleasure in racking up NEAT miles throughout the day, including my hour-long daily walk.

Today’s snowfall presented an opportunity for my favorite NEAT activity – snowshoeing, which turns my daily walk into something a bit more challenging and fun. It’s also great way to shake off the winter doldrums that come with living in a place with a long winter season.

When I talk about “lifting” I’m actually talking about a lifestyle, not just time in the gym. I’ve been successful so far on my journey because I love the lifestyle. Even though I’ve got more work to do to reach my goals, I’m happy to keep working at it because I love all of the work involved in it. ❤️