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Looking Back on a Year with Ringo

It’s been a year since I brought Ringo home and I’m celebrating his one year anniversary with this collection of photos from his first year with me. Much has happened in the past year, with Ringo’s arrival ultimately reshaping my daily life and my photography.

It’s interesting to me how dogs define and influence chapters in my life, with each chapter having a distinct feeling and set of experiences. Each dog seems to be here for a reason. Ringo’s task seems to be one of teaching me patience and focus.

His severe separation anxiety forced me to stay close to home, grounding me at a time when I was craving more freedom. Working through this issue wasn’t a short process; it was many months of slow, incremental progress. Being stuck at home for such a long time meant changing my plans and priorities.

It was Ringo’s presence that finally changed the focus of my photography from the external world to my immediate surroundings. Spending more time at home because of Ringo, I began to elevate my photography of everyday life and found joy in capturing my life as it unfolded. My love of dog photography was reignited and reimagined. My pre-Ringo plans were to expand to new subjects, and instead I was digging deeper into dog photography, which ultimately felt like the right direction instead of a compromise that had to be made.

And he is such a beautiful dog! A dog photographer’s dream subject.

Happy anniversary Ringo! I’m looking forward to many more years (and photos!) with you. ❤️