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I Got The Boot

I got a puppy knowing full well my life would become a whirlwind in the weeks (and possibly months) that followed. What I did not anticipate is breaking my foot three days after adopting Moose. Now I would have to keep up with Moose (and Rocky and Ringo) at a fraction of my usual pace.

At my follow up appointment, my doctor decided I needed to wear a walking boot for eight weeks, which slows me down even more. According to my doc, the whole point of the boot is to slow me down. What it actually does is frustrate the hell out of me while I try to keep up with a puppy and all of the expectations I have of myself. Does she really expect me to sit on the couch all day with my foot up?

I have a tendency for self-inflicted stress and put a lot of pressure on myself to reach ambitious goals. The broken foot came with a reality check and some compromises I’m just not ready to make. I’m five weeks into this and still arguing with the Universe about it. By the time I fully accept what has happened, my eight weeks will be up!

In the meantime, my foot is healing and Moose is growing quickly. I’m becoming more mindful as I’m forced to do things one at a time, one day at a time. My priorities are clearer, even though it means loosening my grip on some of my precious goals.

This is a familiar place for me, trying once again to find that sweet spot somewhere between being present and being productive. I keep repeating this lesson, which just means I haven’t figured this out yet, and will find myself in this position over and over again until I do. I’d like for this to be the time I finally master it, but it’s a struggle for me. At least I have a lot of practice! 😂