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Changing Seasons

Whispers of fall can already be heard here in Michigan. We’ve had some cooler days and leaves are dropping to the ground. Other changes are brewing for me as well, as Charlie is clearly in his final chapter of life. With these looming changes, I tried something new with Rocky today.

Previously, he only participated in the first part of my workout; today, I had him join me for my entire outdoor workout.

While this is a great way to incorporate more exercise into his day, it’s also an opportunity to teach him to reliably hang out with me off-leash. He did well today and even produced some great photos.

The intervals we ran together tired him out. Despite having a thick mat, blanket and acres of soft grass to lie on, Rocky chose to take a nap on the gravel path that I use for my sled. 😂

Sadly, Charlie is no longer playing with Rocky as he is just too weak. I’m no substitute for Charlie or any other canine playmate. But I am trying to fill a gap while creating a new bonding and training experience with Rocky.

While it took some adjustments and was distracting at times, I really enjoyed having Rocky with me for the entirety of my workout. I know he had fun too because he didn’t want to go back inside when I was done. 😀