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I Got The Boot

I broke my foot three days after adopting Moose, which has me chasing a puppy around at a fraction of my usual pace. At my follow up appointment, my doctor decided I needed to wear a walking boot for eight weeks, which slows me down even more…

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55 and Sunny

I turned 55 today, halfway through the most amazing decade of my life. Today, I am the strongest, happiest and most radiant I’ve ever been. I’m celebrating fifty five years of living, learning, growing and just being in the world today. And I’ve got a sunny outlook that I plan to keep shining inside of me all year long. ☀️

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Self Aware

I’ve been taking more self-portraits lately. There’s a growing sense of self awareness that has come with it, and once the awkwardness of photographing myself started to go away, more of the real me started to emerge in the photos.

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Spring Training

After a long winter season, I’m so happy to get back to regular sled workouts in my outdoor gym. The weather this week is perfect with sunny skies and temperatures in the 70’s.

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NEAT Freak

Snowshoeing turns my daily walk into something a bit more challenging and fun. It’s also great way to shake off the winter doldrums that come with living in a place with a long winter season.

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Another Birthday

My Dad always said getting old sucks but it’s better than the alternative. He was right. At 54, I have the wrinkles, aches and pains that come with age. But I’m so happy for each day and pack so much into each one.

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Birthday Girl

I was born 53 years ago today in Ft. Polk, Louisiana. I’ve lived all over the country since then, currently in Detroit, and who knows where I’ll be 5 years from now. But so happy to be right here, right now, today. 😀

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