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A natural for my camera, the adorable and ever curious Ringo. ❤️

Looking Back on a Year with Ringo

It’s been a year since I brought Ringo home and I’m celebrating his one year anniversary with this collection of photos from his first year with me. Much has happened in the past year, with Ringo’s arrival ultimately reshaping my daily life and my photography…

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Ringo Retreats

Ringo is known for being nosy, clingy and underfoot, yet he is often found on his own displaying a quiet independence. Here, he took a break from the pack, and I took a shot. ❤️

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A Moment with Ringo

Photography for me, is all about mindfulness, being in the moment, and ultimately capturing any of the many beautiful moments I’m presented with each day as life unfolds.

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Ringo Recovered

Ringo’s hospitalization was followed by another emergency less than two weeks later. These urgent life events serve as a reminder of how quickly life can change and how precious each day is.

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