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My brave and gentle boy. My protector. I’ll miss you forever, my beloved Charlie (2007-2022). ❤️

Every Day is Precious

Having an old dog reminded me that every day is precious and brought more scrutiny to this sentiment which is often said but seldom lived. What I learned during Charlie’s last summer was how to better live by this belief.

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Safe Travels, Charlie

Dear Charlie, I knew saying goodbye to you would be difficult and I only hope I can do it justice. We met in 2012, about five years into your life. There were many chapters before I entered your story, but we had ten special years together.

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Charlie Healing Nicely

Charlie is still in recovery mode from his recent surgery but healing nicely. We had a gorgeous sunny day today and he found a nice sunbeam to rest under. He’s been good about leaving his incision and stitches alone, so he hasn’t had to spend too much time in the dreaded cone.

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Recovery Mode

Charlie had surgery on Friday to remove a growth from his leg and is pictured here recovering quietly in a sunbeam. The incision is on his right rear leg and can’t be seen in the photo, but it’s a doozie.

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Charlie Nap Time

Like many older dogs, Charlie spends a fair amount of time sleeping. I often find him in cozy positions like the one seen in today’s photo, and I can’t resist taking a shot. 🥰

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October Charlie

Fall weather is here in Michigan, and in October this means sunny summer-like days followed by days with chilly temperatures and overcast skies. On those dreary days, Charlie has been finding comfort in this spot which experiences the occasional sunbeam when there is a break in the clouds.

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