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Today I woke up with Van Halen’s “Can’t Stop Loving You” playing in my head. This song is from Balance, released in 1995. I was 26 years old at the time of the release, and this was my final year of living in Florida before packing it up and moving to Washington DC to completely start over…

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Rocky Channeling Daisy

Rocky found the perfect spot to take in the view (top photo). This used to be a favorite spot of my beloved Daisy (2005-2019), and the location of one of my favorite photos of her (bottom photo).

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Sugar and Spice

I love the nose art on this vintage airplane that I captured at the Wings and Wheels Air and Car Show at historic Willow Run Airport. The artwork depicts two sides of “Georgie’s Gal” – an angel and a devil – on opposite sides of the plane. Which lady do you like best? I think it’s hard to choose!

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Wings and Wheels

I’m always up for a trip back in time and captured these lovelies at the Wings and Wheels air and car show at historic Willow Run Airport. The Camaro was my favorite but I am partial to cars from the ’60’s and ’70’s and to Camaros in general.

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Mom’s Garden

These photos of my mother’s garden were taken on my first visit since my Dad’s passing a year ago. The time in the garden was peaceful and I could feel his presence there.

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It’s 2021 and I’m missing the eighties. The music was fun, life was low-tech, and I was free to roam, no mask required. Out on the open road, Van Halen on my car cassette player, a roll of quarters as my safety net.

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