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I was really enjoying my time with Rocky when he was an only dog. We did everything together, including my workouts. It was distracting at times, but it was a lot of fun. I always wanted a dog to workout with me and finally had one!

Now that Ringo has joined us, I’m back to solo workouts. I miss Rocky, but Ringo needs him more than I do. Ringo isn’t ready to be alone in the house yet and needs Rocky for companionship and a sense of security while I’m outside.

I have no idea what Ringo’s situation was for the first ten months of his life and the mysterious injury he was found with is concerning. Yet he has an amazing attitude that belies any level of trauma he may have experienced. Whatever happened in the past is done; it’s my job now to provide a stable and loving environment where he feels safe and secure moving forward.

Part of that is having Rocky as a big brother to lean on. Rocky joined us after the traumatic experience of cruelty, abandonment and ultimate loss of a leg. Charlie was an enormous source of comfort for Rocky, providing the reassurance that Rocky needed to heal and move on. Now it’s Rocky’s turn to help Ringo with his journey.

Today, with my boys safely snuggled up inside the house, I pushed the sled alone. As is typically the case, focus leads to progress. With only the sled to worry about during my workout, I hit a new max load. And now I’m running out of room for more plates!