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A Moment with Ringo

One of my Instagram followers once commented, you have a talent for always capturing the perfect moment. This comment meant a lot to me, since photography for me, is all about mindfulness, being in the moment, and ultimately capturing any of the many beautiful moments I’m presented with each day as life unfolds.

This can appear spontaneous at times, as in today’s photo of Ringo peeking out the front window with the light spilling in around him. Yet there is often planning involved in these “spontaneous” captures that are part of my photographic style. Ringo frequents this window, a regular stop on his security rounds. I know this. As I looked at the window this morning, the light was lovely and I could envision this shot. I got my camera ready. I missed his first pass at the window, but he went back for a second look and I took the shot.

Both planning and spontaneity were involved, as they often are in my photos. Sometimes, I’m just lucky and I’ve got my camera in hand when the moment presents itself. But even this takes the planning involved in often having a camera in hand with a fully charged battery, wherever I happen to be at any given moment of the day. It’s an effort I’m willing to make to capture moments like these, and a photo of Ringo that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. ❤️